Castle Age 堡壘世紀 第五大關Demon Realm 惡魔國度 任務劇情翻譯

boss_keira.jpg 這是第五個關卡,BOSS是大名頂頂的凱拉小姐!!也是許多曠男怨女的怨念集中的對象....(包括我>"<) 

我帳上都打超過70隻,還沒包括成就系統開放前打的~ 一件衣服也沒啊!!

不過,看過故事才知道,凯拉是傲嬌啦!! 明明就沒對象很久了,還在那裡故做姿態 
拜託衣服也脫一下嘛~~ 早早把衣服脫了跟我回後宮吧!!

然後...Celesta 真的很恐怖,千萬不要惹她...抖抖抖...



land_demon_realm_sel.gif 這猶如地獄般的區域是由魔王梅菲斯特所統治的惡魔國度。他正為了迫在眉睫的入侵召集軍隊。
The Demon Realm is the fifth area available for questing in Castle Age. 
To unlock the Demon Realm, you must complete the special mission in the Land of Water (A Look into the Darkness).The Demon Realm's random Soldier drop is Succubus.

quest_back_21.jpg 活的閘門 The Living Gates
你接近前往新地區前的一道閘門。大地發出呼嘯,接著在你前方的黑暗閘門牆上刻蝕出一對空靈的雙眼。一陣輕巧沙啞的細語伴隨著閘門尖叫似的開啓- 死亡迅速的降臨!
You approach the gates of a new realm. The earth bellows as a pair of ethereal eyes form in front of you, etched on the walls of the dark gates. A raspy voice whispers softly as the gates scream open - Death swiftly descends on you!

quest_back_22.jpg 惡魔之腹 The Belly of the Demon
Fighting your way past hordes of demons, you reach a dark cavernous city. An evil stench fills the air, there will be no sleep tonight. Celesta scans a demon and finds out that this is part of a large underground expanse leading up to a dark tower.

quest_back_23.jpg 死亡尖塔 Spire of Death
Tall spires loom in the distance as black dragons lurch overhead you. The fearsome landscape chills your army from moving. You fight to move forward, determined to find out what evil eliminates from the great tower.

quest_back_24.jpg 血河 The River of Blood
After searing hordes of black dragons with your meteor spell, you break open the entranceway to the great demonic tower. A river of blood flows within the keep. Souls seem to cling to the walls, and dreadful cries fill the air. The the source of this nightmare lies ahead.

quest_back_25.jpg 禁典儀式 The Forbidden Ritual
在惡魔城深處你發現黑暗的儀式已經開始,應該是打算開啟另一個進入我們世界的裂谷。發亮的身影前有成千的惡魔崇拜者。突然你覺得聲音都消失了,一摸耳朵 - 血。
In the depths of the demonic castle you find that dark ritual has been started, perhaps to open a second rift into our world. A bright figure stands before thousands of demonic worshipers. You suddenly feel mute, you touch your ear - blood.

裂谷 The Rift
You must reach the rift now and close it before it's too late! You rush towards the portal, taking down demon after demon. Just as you are twenty yards from the portal, you are stopped by an imposing figure. "I don't know who you are but prepare for your end."





Keira: 你這人類跑來這裡想做什麼?  還蠢到妄想要阻止梅菲斯特大人?
Keira: What are you mortals doing here? Why are you foolishly attempting to stop Lord Mephistopheles?

Before you have a chance to utter a reply, she springs forward with surprising quickness and waves her large sword as if it were a feather. You are barely able to to raise your weapon to parry the blow but you are knocked back. Her strength is that of no mere mortal and her speed is blinding. She lunges forth again and you are pushed back, moving closer and closer to the cliffs overhanging the flowing rivers of lava.

Celesta: 我們必需壓制她! 幫我掙取一點時間!
Celesta: We must push her back! Buy me some time!

boss_keira_sword.jpg 你雖然很努力的照做,不過真的是說的比做簡單。雖然你能閃開或偏移她的攻擊,但是每波攻擊都像是被巨大的戰錘打中一樣的讓雙手發麻。她用盾就輕易擋住你零碎的攻擊。你的手腳沈重的像灌了鉛而且很清楚的發現,再這樣下去你就會被料理掉了。
You do your best to comply but it's definitely easier said than done. Although you are able to parry and deflect her attacks, each hit numbs your hands as if you were being pounded by a large war hammer. She deflects your attacks with ease with her massive shield. Your arms and legs feel like stone and know that if this keeps up, you will be done for.

Keira: 投降吧,人類。你根本不夠格對抗我超凡的力量。 這場對決我從一開始就能輕易的選擇結束,不過我上次和人類對打已經是好久以前的事了。
Keira: Give up mortal. You are no match for someone with my vast power. I could have easily ended this battle the moment it started but it's been ages since I've been able to toy with a mortal.

你很明白她不是開玩笑的,這裡的對決下一刻就要結束了。Keira 身形一弓跳到空中高舉起她超乎正常尺寸的巨劍,重劍砍下帶著巨大沈重的力量你不得不跪了下來,而你發麻的雙手再也握不住劍了。
You know her words are true and the battle will end in the next moments at this pace. Keira's lunges forth and jumps in the air with her enormous blade raised over her head. She brings the sword down with such force that your already numb hands can no longer grip the blade and you are forced to your knees.

Keira: 結束了!
Keira: This is the end!
You close your eyes and wait for the inevitable. You see a bright flash of light through your eyelids and you hear a scream.
Keira: 妳好大的膽子!!
Keira: HOW DARE YOU!!!!
你立刻張開眼睛,發現Keira摀著自己身側, 一定是Celesta。 Keira 開始吟唱著無法解讀的異國文字。
You quickly open your eyes and see Keira holding her side. It must have been Celesta. Keira begins to chant words from an incomprehensible foreign tongue.
你的肺部緊縮,耳朵傳來尖銳的痛楚。雖然你想要集中但眼前開始一片模糊。正當你側身倒落雙眼開始失焦的同時你看到Keira 穿越斷層,接著一切就沈入黑暗。
Your lungs tighten and you feel a sharp pain in your ears. You try to focus your eyes but everything starts to blur. As you fall to your side and your eyes start to lose focus, you see Keira enter through the rift. And the rest goes to black.

(在主角昏倒之後,劇情沒有提到Keira怎麼變弱了,但是肯定是Celesta搞的鬼 XD) 

你見到Keira 激動的推開你的手下們的攻擊。眾人圍在一起把攻擊集中輸出,她就在倒下的邊緣了,你擦掉額前的汗水接著緊抓你的武器,這個! 就是決定性的一擊!! (結果又是圍毆+偷襲 XD)
You see Keira fiercely fending off the attacks of your fellow army members. The group has put together a valiant offensive effort and she is on the verge of defeat. You grip your weapon tightly and wipe the sweat from your brow. This HAS to be the deciding blow. 

boss_keira_amulet.jpg 你聚集疲憊身體中所有的力量然後抬起你的腳步,此時Keria正忙著閃避一個火焰箭的攻擊。 趁著她往後跳,你抓到了你的機會! 你從右邊一竄而出。她看到你但是已經來不及反應了,她試著迴劍往下要砍掉你的頭,但她的傷勢讓速度變慢了。 你勉強的避開了她的攻擊,並猛力將刀刺入她胸甲上的寶石。 成功了嗎?
You gather strength in your tired body and rise to your feet. Keira is busily evading a volley of fire arrows. As she hops back, you see your opening! You rush forth from the right. She sees you but it's too late. She tries to bring her blade down on your head but her wounds have made her slow. You narrowly sidestep her strike and plunge your blade through the jewel on her chest plate. Have you done it?

Keira: 不~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! 你這種凡人怎麼可能打敗我? 我可是墨菲斯特大人的護衛啊!

Keira: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How can you mere mortals defeat me? I am one of the Guardians of Mephistopheles! 

boss_keira_plate.jpg 爆烈似的光芒從Keira的身體幅射而出。突然她就消失了,只留下她的鎧甲及一陣硫磺霧。(騙人!!! 我打70隻了一件也沒有啊!!!!!!!)
A burst of intense light radiates from Keira's body. In an instant she disappears and there's nothing left of her except her armor and a cloud of sulphur. 
你成功了。你打敗她了。 照理說應該覺得很開心才是,但是你累到連開心的力氣都沒了。 這Keira到底是誰呢? 她又是怎麼和墨菲斯特搭上關係的? 你來到惡魔邊境試著尋找墨菲斯特但一點頭緒也沒有。
You have done it. You have defeated her. You should be happy but you are so exhausted that you can barely think. Who was this Keira? How is she connected to Mephistopheles? You came to the Demon Realm to find Mephistopheles but you haven't found any answers. 

From here, where do you go?


最後,我在第90隻時脫下了她的衣服... 可喜可賀!!




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