第六關 Undead Realm  的女王

蓮花● 瑞文墨爾(烏鴉) Lotus Ravenmoore

目前最強的手套 死亡之觸 Death Touch Gauntlet 就在她的小手上~ 也是怨念對象啊~

算是不怎麼好對付的角色 XD

後來救別人的蓮花又連掉了2雙~ 累計泡8次茶3個手套啊~~ 真是太閃了~~ XDD

反過來凱拉的衣服是K到90次才賞我 Q.Q

quest_back_undead1.jpg虛無之月 The Hollowing Moon

To counteract the deathly effects of the Undead Realm, Celesta prepares to cast Holy Light on you. Before Celesta can complete the spell, an army of Undead Guardians rushes toward you. Hold them!
Undead Crusade

It seems the Undead Guardians were only a scouting party. A large crusade of undead marches toward you. The warmth of the Holy Light spell revitalizes your strength as you prepare for battle.

quest_back_undead3.jpg亡靈關口 Gates to the Undead
You arrive at a large mausoleum in the middle of the cemetery. The mausoleum entrance is barred by a large granite door. Have your army open the door and march into depths of the undead lands.


quest_back_undead4.jpg惡夢 Nightmare
The pathway from the mausoleum leads out into another land. An eerie moon exists in the magical sky. Your eyes are drawn towards the huge castle in the middle of the realm. You sense a great battle ahead.
quest_back_undead5.jpg邪惡的戰爭 Unholy War
Your march towards the castle is long and treacherous as you are constantly under attack by hordes of the undead. Your army is weary but they follow their leader. You finally arrive at the base of the large castle. Prepare for the final fight.



亡靈的擁抱 Undead Embrace
你察覺到一個你只碰過一次的個黑暗能量,和梅菲斯特的對戰! 邪惡能量的壓迫沈重到必需掙扎著才能接近城門,但這是你可以再次面對梅菲斯特的機會!你破壞了大門,眼前却是你從來沒見過的敵人。You feel a darkness you have only experienced once before; your fight with Mephistopheles! The evil is so great it becomes a struggle to approach the door but this is your chance to face Mephistopheles again! You crash through the door and are confronted with someone you've never seen before.


boss_lotus_big.jpg 蓮花:我一直在等著你年輕的戰士。所以,凱拉就是你幹掉的? 嗯。真令人失望。我知道凱拉很弱,但嫩到輸給像你這種的?真搞不懂,她怎麼有辨法成為梅菲斯特選上的人。我敢賭是因為她過分自大或粗心之類的,我向你們保證,我沒她那麼簡單。你很快就會發現,有比死亡的懷抱最糟的事。 
Lotus: I've been waiting for you young warriors. So you were the ones that defeated Keira? Hmph. That's quite disappointing to hear. I knew Keira was weak but to lose to the likes of you? It brings up the question as to why she ever became one of Mephistopheles's chosen ones. I'm sure her overconfidence and carelessness is what did her in. However, I assure you that I will not fall as easily as her. You'll soon find out that there are worst things than the embrace of Death. 

你還沒來得及眨個眼,蓮花已經消失從你的眼前消失。除了一聲亮響顯示八成有什麼事發生了。剎那間,蓮花再次出現在你的右側,她巨大的鐮刀圈著你腦袋。你只差一點點就沒躲過鐮刀的刀鋒,但你的軍隊就沒那麼幸運了。在你來得及回擊前,她已經消失,再次伴隨著巨大的噪音。Before you can blink, Lotus has disappeared from your view. A loud snap is the only clue something had happened. In an instant, Lotus reappears to your right and swings her huge scythe at your head. You are barely able to duck below the scythe blade but a few of your army members aren't so lucky. Before you can retaliate, she has disappeared and again it is followed by the loud snapping noise. 

你突然明白了。她的速度快到取代了她周圍的空氣。你保持警覺,她一定會再次出現對你揮下另一刀。從後面! 您往左滾,再次勉強的避開了巨大的武器。 
You realize what's happening. She's moving so fast that she is displacing the air around her. You stay alert knowing that she will reappear to take another swipe at you. From the rear! You roll to left, again barely avoiding the huge weapon. 

Lotus: So I see you do have some skills. But you know you cannot defeat me by simply hoping to avoid my death scythe. Eventually, you will tire and I will bring you over to the side of the undead. 

你知道她的話一都都沒有誇張,這真的是實話。前兩次避開她只是碰巧的。你必須主動出擊。隨著響亮的一聲,蓮花再次消失了。第一刀她從右側可是下一刀又是從後面。現在是時候賭一把了。你閉上眼睛,緊緊抓住你的武器。你脖子後方的頭髮感到一點點瘙癢。正是機會。你把武器往左側猛揮然後打中了! You don't sense any type of arrogance in her words and know that it's true. Avoiding her the first two times was only by coincidence. You must go on the offensive. With a loud snap, Lotus has disappeared again. She attacked from the right the first time and the rear the last time. It's time to take a gamble. You close your eyes and grasp your weapon tightly. The hair on the back of your neck tingles. Now is your chance. You swing your weapon wildly to the left and connect! 

Lotus: Aaaahhh. You rodent. That was a lucky strike. However that was barely a scratch. I doubt you'll be able to do that again. If you want answers, find me in the Undead Plane. 
With a loud snapping noise, Lotus disappears again. However, the huge evil presence from chamber is gone. You realize that you must find a way to the Undead Plane.


“在亡靈接面,你跟不上我的。我有10倍的力量。”"In the Undead Plane, you are no match for me. My powers are ten-fold here."

蓮花隨著噪音消失了。她會從個方向哪裡來? 從以前的前哨戰你已經了解她邪惡的能力。從右邊! 你從右側擋下利刃的攻擊。等等! 好像怪怪的另一道攻擊從上面來了。在你有時間思考前,你弓步向前,試圖避開這一次攻擊。 
Lotus disappears with the snapping sound again. Which direction will she come from? From your previous skirmish you've gained a better sense of her evil energy. From the right! You duck under the slash from the right hand side. Wait! Something doesn't feel right. Another slash from above. Before you can think, you lunge forward to try to avoid another blow.
一陣如火焚的灼痛! 鐮刀在你的大腿劃開一道口子。幾乎無法忍受的痛苦,你覺得好像被火給蠶食。賢者迅速咏唱讚頌咒文,舒緩的光芒籠罩你的傷口。讓疼痛減至可以忍受的程度,但是夾帶邪惡能量的鐮刀傷口沒辨法完全癒合。 
Burning pain! The scythe opens up a wound in your upper thigh. The pain is almost unbearable and feels as if fire is eating away at you. The cleric quickly murmurs a magical hymn and a soothing light envelops your wound. The pain becomes bearable but it looks like the evil energy from the Scythe is preventing the wound from being completely healed.
第二次攻擊會打哪來? 看來亡靈接面讓蓮花變得比你之前遇到她時更強大。 
Where did that second strike come from? It seems like the Undead Plane has made Lotus even more powerful than your previous encounter.
蓮花:我的死亡鐮刀─ 突擊,會吸取迷失在亡靈接面的靈魂為力量。任何踏入範圍的生命都將感受到死靈的痛苦。 
Lotus: My death scythe, Onslaught, draws its power from the lost souls in the Undead Plane. Any living being caught in its path will feel the agony of the dead spirits.
蓮花準備展開下一個攻擊。你撐著自己面對不可避免的攻擊。你的腿虛弱無力。有可能迴避她下一個攻擊嗎? 如果你只是防守,這刀一定會終結掉你的。你想出一個很快的計劃,要求Paladin 在你吸引住蓮花注意力時施以重擊。
Lotus prepares for her next attack. You brace yourself for the inevitable attack. Your leg feels weak. Will it be possible to dodge her next attack? If you stay on the defensive, it will surely be the end of you. You devise a quick plan and ask Paladin (Player) to cast Smite on Lotus while you keep her occupied.
eq_lotus_scythe.jpg  蓮花再次消失。她從哪來?你必須依靠自己的直覺。她從上面。你沒有迴避鐮刀,反而飛快的迴旋並夾住在雙手間的鐮刀刀片。但是蓮花的力量壓倒性的強大! Lotus again disappears. Which direction will she come from? You must rely on your instinct. She's coming from above. Rather than dodge the scythe, you quickly spin around and trap the scythe's blade in between your two hands. Lotus's strength is overwhelming!

你:快! 現在行動!You: Quick (Player)! Cast it now!
Paladin 對蓮花發動重擊。蓮花痛苦的倒退。你抓到了機會同時猛力的抓住蓮花的雙手。她手上的鐮刀令人難以置信的沉重,你用盡所有的力氣用鐮刀刺穿蓮花,她發出死亡的尖叫。隨著輝煌閃爍的光芒消散到空氣中。當你睜開眼,你已經不在亡靈接面了。 
(Player) casts Smite on Lotus. Lotus recoils in pain. You see your opening and yank Onslaught from Lotus's hands. The scythe is incredibly heavy but you swing it with all your might. The scythe pierces Lotus and she lets out a deathly scream. She dissipates into the air with a brilliant flash of light. When you open your eyes, you're no longer in the Undead Plane.
倒底 Kiera、Lotus和梅菲斯特之間的關聯是什麼呢?
What do Kiera, Lotus and Mephistopheles have to do with one another?

最後一段有出現幾個 (Player) 我猜是一開始寫故事時有打算要帶入玩家的ID
不過後來不知是技術還是其他原因就拿掉了,所以就出現奇怪的設定 XD

變的前後不連貫,搞不清楚主角是領主還是領主的手下了 XDDD

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  • liancf
  • Undead Plane這裡講的東西是不是像日本動漫所說的結界啊?

    可是如果是Undead Plane拿來翻成不死結界這類的又覺得太弱...XD
  • 其實plane 我傷腦筋很久說...
    因為是平面、界面的意思,我想翻成邊境也不太對,說是 " 界" 會不會比較好?

    CHIBC-暗月之鏡 於 2010/05/12 10:19 回覆

  • K
  • 鐮刀名字翻為突擊較妥
  • OK 好像貓時代也是翻成突擊

    CHIBC-暗月之鏡 於 2010/05/12 10:17 回覆

  • ZION
  • Undead Plane 可以叫做不死異界
    plane在此指的是另一個境界 空間 。
    而Undead在奇幻故事內通常指的是不死屬性 或者說是根本死不掉的族類 像僵屍 骷髏 不死族。
    所以undead plane就是專屬於那些不死生物的空間
  • zion
  • 鐮刀 用突擊或猛突都可


    deadly screaming 其實就是形容死前的慘叫這檔事 而中文倒是不會特別去形容死前是怎樣個叫法 也不會有"很死的慘叫"這種說法 所以deadly screaming只能說是"發出很慘的慘叫"